Sunday, October 7, 2018

War Elephant!

Can anyone imagine a good ancient mediterranean army without a magnificent war elephant? No? Well you all know how hyped I'm for anything ancient, so I had to paint absolutely amazing Zvezda war elephant set as my quick weekend job.

In the box you can find two elephants and crew. First elephant is described as North African forest elephant (really endangered species) and the second Indian elephant. Crew wears Greek type uniform, which was used by like 80% of Mediterranean, so they can work as Bactrian(modern day Pakistan) Seleucid (Persia) and Carthaginian(North Africa). I decided to paint armoured one as carthaginian. 

I'm really satisfied with the results. There might be a bit too much gold on miniatures as Carthage would not invest in this kind of heavy armour, but I really wanted to paint some gold (thanks Phil from for tips!).  

To accompany my elephant I decided to paint carthaginian peltast. If you are not familiar with ancients - peltast (gr. peltastes) is a name of light infantry used by ancient Greeks, during later period (3 BC) peltast would wear some armour to give them at least some protection in hand to hand combat.

 Wow, that's one of the longest entry on this blog, 
 if you've still reading leave a comment and enjoy the photos.


  1. That is a mini I have almost bought so many times!. Beautiful sculpting and you really did justice to it with your painting. Great job.